I appreciate the response, but that's not quite the problem.  The em
dash character doesn't have a unique character tag. It's just tagged
with the paragraph format and any character tag applied to the text
around it (bold, emphasis, etc.).  I'm trying to isolate the em dash b/c
it presents a problem when the paragraph is reformatted with Chinese
fonts.  I haven't had the same problem with any other character.

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>I would like to apply a character tag to a particular character that is
>used in paragraphs of several different styles without changing the
>of the attributes. As far as I can tell, Frame only lets me change
>character attributes, not tags.

If I understand, the problem is to change OldTag to NewTag, 
preserving all attributes. Does the following help?

Copying a particular character format (Command-Option-x on the Mac) 
and pasting it (Command-V) changes attributes and tags. But if OldTag 
and NewTag have the same attributes, all that happens when you paste 
is that the tagname changes. So manually set up one character with 
NewTag, same attribs as OldTag, and Command-OPtion-x it.

One could then FindNext through the document (Command-G), pasting 
(Command-V) NewTag over OldTag on each occurrence of the target 
character. So long as only occurrences of the target character have 
NewTag you can then affect them and only them by altering the 
attributes of NewTag, if desired. Automating this in Applescript 
would be trivial.

Graeme Forbes

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