This is an issue I have ocassionaly seen with FrameMaker over the years: 
sometimes the Top and Left offsets of an image will change when the image is 
"refiltered." I have never been able to reproduce it on purpose and haven't 
seen it in Adobe's knowledge base. But I have seen it myself and have read 
posts from others who have encountered it.

Someone mentioned the bounding box changing in the Illustrator file. But 
even if that were so, why whould the Top and Left offsets change?

As usual, my solution is to use FrameScript to reposition the graphics in 
the anchored frames.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing


If I have a framemaker file with linked eps images and I open the eps images
and resave them in a more recent version that the original eps file (i use
for example illustrator CS to open the file but they can be made in a
previous version of illustrator) then some images just dissappear in the
framemaker file.
They are just gone, I need to import them again.
The strange thing is that this occures with some images but not all.
Does anyone have an explanation/solution for this?


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