Using FrameMaker 7.2 on Windows 2000 on the network drive (F), importing
screenshots saved using SnagIt 8.01. Want avoid gray boxes.


1. When I saved screenshots to the F (network drive) drive, some screenshots
saved as 1K files (too small a size compared to others), when tried to open
them, received format not recognized message.
2. When imported a .png image captured using SnagIt, by reference, in Frame
7.2, the FrameMaker book with 12 open files crashed, recover files generated
for every file. Newly typed information not saved.
3. When saved .tif files of screenshots with SnagIt on the network drive,
some .TIF files appeared normal, while some with 1K, non-displayable format.
These small files don't have anything to import. Message displayed: Frame
cannot recognize this file format, choose format to convert the file.
4. Copied Graphics folder and Book folder from F drive and put them on the
same level In C, the book still looks to the F folder for images. Redirected
to C, but doesn't budge.


1. When saved .TIF files to the local C folder, images appear normal, with
healthy 1 to 2 Meg file size.
2. Saved the images in the C folder to the Graphics folder on F, copied from
there by reference.

Thanks. Any suggestions very welcome.


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