I have put together a process to batch process our FrameMaker files to
create PDF files, like this:

step 1) the Cudspan batch tool helps me create the batch file for a
given book (the batch file contains three instructions for each
FrameMaker file contained in the book: 1) open the file, 2) save as
postscript in the in/ folder of a watched folder, 3) close original).
this is a one-off step.

step 2) the Cudspan batch tool then runs this file from within
FrameMaker.  The postscript files are saved in the watched folder of
Acrobat Distiller which starts converting the arriving postscript
files in the out/ folder.

Now here's the problem: While most files convert OK, in some of them
the pages are assembled in the reverse order, i.e. in the resulting
PDF document the last page is shown first, and the first page becomes
the last page.

I have one batch where the first four documents have their page order
reversed, and all others are fine.  Another batch has no problems at

I have made sure that the "Last Sheet First" option in the Print
Document dialogue box is unchecked for all files.

Manually printing these files to postscript and then manually
distilling them works fine.

I have also tried different postscript printers, but had so far no
success in getting these renegade files to behave.

What could the problem be, and how can I solve this?


PS: thanks to Cudspan for making available for free his ever so useful plugins!

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