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>I have put together a process to batch process our FrameMaker files to
>create PDF files, like this:
> ...
>Now here's the problem: While most files convert OK, in some of them
>the pages are assembled in the reverse order, i.e. in the resulting
>PDF document the last page is shown first, and the first page becomes
>the last page.
> ...
>What could the problem be, and how can I solve this?

There seems to be an intermittent problem in Frame itself.
When we added the ability to make PDF to our runfm.exe tool,
we ran into this.  We wound up having to set the property
explicitly from the FDK immediately before printing to the
PDF printer.  After that, the trouble went away.

You can use runfm to do this job, and you don't even need
to buy Mif2Go to do it.  You do need to download and
install our demo version (at least the plugin parts):

Full instructions on using runfm (a command-line app, so
you can include it in .bat files) are in the User's Guide
(WinHelp version in the demo, other versions available on
the Downloads page).


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