Hi, Jakob:

I have a few guesses that might help track down the problem:

* Set Distiller to check the watched folder at greater intervals, to 
give more time for the .ps files to be written completely. (Just a 

* Use DoBatch to import, to each .fm file, a printfile whose settings 
reassert the print last page first OFF option.



Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

>I have put together a process to batch process our FrameMaker files to
>create PDF files, like this:
>step 1) the Cudspan batch tool helps me create the batch file for a
>given book (the batch file contains three instructions for each
>FrameMaker file contained in the book: 1) open the file, 2) save as
>postscript in the in/ folder of a watched folder, 3) close original).
>this is a one-off step.
>step 2) the Cudspan batch tool then runs this file from within
>FrameMaker.  The postscript files are saved in the watched folder of
>Acrobat Distiller which starts converting the arriving postscript
>files in the out/ folder.
>Now here's the problem: While most files convert OK, in some of them
>the pages are assembled in the reverse order, i.e. in the resulting
>PDF document the last page is shown first, and the first page becomes
>the last page.
>I have one batch where the first four documents have their page order
>reversed, and all others are fine.  Another batch has no problems at
>I have made sure that the "Last Sheet First" option in the Print
>Document dialogue box is unchecked for all files.

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