Hi Bodvar,

Am not sure what you are asking vis-a-vis WebWorks.

1) Writing HTML in a text editor using the W3C standards is by far the cleanest 
way to go. WebWorks, and for that matter, few, if any, others will be as clean. 
Certainly, WWP's use of CSS is less efficient than yours might be by hand 
coding, and remember WWP is not a Website design tool. However, WebWorks, and 
the rest, are about efficiency in authoring.

2) WebWorks has several output types you can choose, including Microsoft-only 
CHMs and a cross-platform and cross-browser online help format, called WebWorks 
Help. This format services a finite list of Browsers, but it is certainly not 
restricted to I.E.



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I am not [yet] into WebWorks and I don't know whether the code example
you give is an automatic conversion by the application or whether this
is something you decide  (in your rules). But I have a BIG general
question here (to the list):


And finally: Someone tell me that this is not WebWork's fault, default
behaviour or something unavoidable, please.


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