Hi Bodvar-
Actually, this is the code generated by WebWorks, and it is supposed to be 
simple HTML. I did not personally write the HTML.  I am sure I could tweak the 
HTML as you suggested (and thanks so much for the careful analysis!), but I 
wanted to change the WebWorks configuration so that it does not do this every 
time I generate help. I want to be able to use WebWorks without having to 
change all the HTML code if possible. Does anyone have a suggestion for why 
WebWorks is structuring my HTML in this way? I am guessing the problem arises 
because the figure is autonumbered, and WebWorks seems to be using different 
settings for the figure title and the figure number (as you explained below). I 
would assume that WebWorks would be smart enough to apply the same settings to 
the figure title and figure number? Is it possible that WW is picking up some 
setting from Frame? 
Any help would be MUCH appreciated!

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I am not [yet] into WebWorks and I don't know whether the code example
you give is an automatic conversion by the application or whether this
is something you decide  (in your rules). But I have a BIG general
question here (to the list):

Why use Microsoft arbitrary code instead of the generic HTML
standards? Is your code only made for Internet Exploiter version X?
The general rule today is to avoid proprietary code, because it will
get you some day. There is nothing as unreliable as a Microsoft
application, because they do all sorts of arbitrary changes between
versions that will only learn about the hard way.

Instead use as much as possible pure HTML or XHTML (to the standard of
the World Wide Web Consortium http://www.w3.org) and CSS.

For example, the <nobr> tag can easily be handled by CSS using e.g.
<div class="nobrake">, and so will the setting of the behaviour of
elements, like "<a name="something">sometext</a> -- much like in
FrameMaker's own EDD.

Also there is absolutely no need for the <font> tag. It is redundant.
Set the fonts within the CSS. The <font> tag is really a stone-age tag
that seems to endlessly fill the codes of bad webpages made with --
you guessed it -- M$ FrontPage.

Your sample shows a table consisting of one row consisting of three
cells. The <tr> sets the vertical alignment (which, again, would be
better handled in the CSS).
The first cell is empty but has the width set to 48 pixels (once more:
better handled in the CSS unless this is a loner).
The second cell has a different width and then a <div> which includes
the proprietary <nobr> which again holds a locator anchor (which is
repeated in the last cell, giving the browser a hard time deciding
which one to choose).
There is nothing to tell me what font attributes are inherited in the
second cell. I am guessing some other than "2", which would explain
the forcing of the font in the 3rd cell down a bit (since the cells'
vertical alignment is set to "top").
Also you see the specific setting of the font name in the 3rd cell.
Either get rid of that within the font tag or delete the font tag
(both sides) or have the same settings for the 2nd cell. And try to
have this set in the CSS rather than arbitrarily set with the <font>

Always check your HTML code to 3-4 different browsers (IE, FireFox,
Opera, etc.) and have them also checked on other O/Ss unless it is
ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY intended for use with M$ IE.

And finally: Someone tell me that this is not WebWork's fault, default
behaviour or something unavoidable, please.


On 5/17/06, Lilah Johnson <ljohnson at ironport.com> wrote:
> Hi-
> I have a webworks related question. When I generate help from Frame files, 
> WebWorks seems to create two separate anchors for figure number and figure 
> text. But it appears to be using different fonts, the results of which are 
> that it looks like the figure number is a half line above the figure text. Is 
> there a way to fix this using the Style Designer?
> Here is the source code from the page:
>   <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="99%">
>           <tr valign="top">
>             <td width="48">
>               <div> </div>
>             </td>
>             <td width="52.79999999999999">
>               <div>
>                 <nobr>
>                   <a name="1010818">Figure 1?1       </a>
>                 </nobr>
>               </div>
>             </td>
>             <td>
>               <font size="2" face="Helvetica LT Std" color="#000000">
>                 <a name="1010818">Sample End User IronPort Spam Quarantine</a>
>               </font>
>             </td>
>           </tr>
>         </table>
> Thanks!
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