Thank you to everyone who gave me help and advice with this one. Thought
you might be interested to know how it finished.

In the job options, I set the Color Management Policies to Convert All
Colors to CMYK. I didn't do any post-processing on the pdf file and the
printer is very happy with the result. The red is not perfect (M 93 Y
81), but I'm willing to accept that if the printer is happy and the
result is good.


Original problem:

Framemaker 7.2p158
Acrobat Pro 7
Using Quite a Box of Tricks to convert pdf files to CMYK
In FM, the colours are defined like this:
Black   K 100%
Red     M 90%  Y 86%
Grey    K 30%
And I have some text in an .eps image which is defined as K 100%.

In the pdf the colours have these values:
Black   C 75%  M 68%  Y 67%  B 90%
Red     C 3%    M 100%  Y 100%
Grey    C 21%  M 16%  Y 16%
And the black text in the .eps image is C 75%  M 69%  Y 62%  B 75%

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