Maybe you've got another tag using the S: series and that other tag resets the 
numbering, and a paragraph uses the other tag after section 7.3. To see if this 
is the problem, change the S: in your SecID to another letter that you're sure 
no other scheme uses.

Cheers, Rebecca

>>> <Tammy.VanBoening at> 23/05/06 10:23:22 >>>
I have created a tag named SecID to identify sections in my book chapters. 
It is set to autonumber according to the following format: S:Section 
<$chapnum>\=<n+>\sm. I have this tag set to start at the top of page and I 
auto-apply a Custom Master Page to the page that uses this Section ID. 
This page is named SectionDivider. For sections 1 through 3, it is working 
just beautifully - I get a page with Section 7-1, a page with section 7-2 
and page with Section 7-3.  Now, all of a sudden, when I go to apply this 
tag to a page, the numbering is being reset to 7-1 and it won't change. 
After counting beautifully to 7-3, all I get no matter where I apply this 
tag after Section 7-3 is Section 7-1. I don't get 7-4, 7-5, etc. and I am 
beyond stumped. If I had messed with the paragraph numbering to restart, 
then ALL the tags should be appearing as Section 7-1, but like I said, 7-1 
through 7-3 is working as expected.

Help  - I am stumped and I don't know how to begin to troubleshoot this. I 
swear I am working with Word numbering!



Tammy Van Boening
Senior Technical Writer
Jeppesen Sanderson, Inc.
tammy.vanboening at 

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