At 08:03 -0600 23/5/06, Tammy.VanBoening at wrote:

>Good question - I forgot to mention this.  When I insert another one after  
>the second 7.1 (the incorrect one), I get a 7.2. I have turned on all my  
>conditions and have looked for any special/weird tag before the incorrect  7.1 
>tag and none are present.

If you want to send me a test file, I'll pick it over for you.

>Also, I don't have any other tags that are  numbered with a series beginning 
>with "s".

In your initial mail, you said that you were numbering on 'S'. 's' and 'S' are 
not the same numbering thread: numbering thread numbers are case-sensitive. 
(Maybe a slip of the finger, tho').

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