Nope, no overrides (thanks for prompting me to check this) and
it's all in a single file. I have just back-tracked and cut out
everything between the "good" Sec 7.3 and the "bad"  Sec 7.1, then
inserted a Sec ID tag after the good Sec 7.3 and voila, I get a Sec 7.4,
so it's something in this stretch of documentation, altho' for the life
of me, I can't figure it out. Anyway, in between the 7.3 and 7.4, I am
pasting, one paragraph at a time, the cut material and seeing when I get
the 7.4 to flip back to 7.1 - then I know which paragraph, for whatever
reason, is causing me fits. I can't think of anything else to do. 

One more suggestion: check your text flows. The numbering may restart
because the text flows aren't connected, or because you're using two

Harro de Jong

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