Hi, Linda:

Have you tried to:

* apply a character format of language None

* make it a variable

* add a non-breaking space at the beginning or end

* create it as a text flow on the reference page and import it as a text inset

* create it in a text frame on the reference page and attach it to a 
paragraph as frame below/above

* look up the fraction bar and use it instead of the backslash


Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

At 10:06 AM -0600 5/25/06, Linda G. Gallagher wrote:
>I hope someone has an idea on this. I've narrowed down a crashing problem to
>one line of text in a file. It's a full Windows path with back slashes in
>it. No matter what I've tried, Frame crashes when spell check comes to this
>Here's what I've tried:
>- Wash Via MIF (thanks for that easy tool, Jeremy)
>- Copy the errant line into Note Pad, then paste back into FM
>- Retype the line in Note Pad, then paste into FM
>No dice. Even if the line is the only text in a new FM file, FM crashes when
>I click Start Checking.
>Any ideas? I can't remove the line of text from the content. :o

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