Ah, I knew you folks would have a solution. Thanks to Peter, Penelope, and
Fred who suggested the character style set to Language None.

Other solutions like variables (thanks Jessica) or insets might also work,
but this seemed the easiest and did work.

To add to the overall mystery (in case anyone is interested), the same text
worked fine in a new file created on my laptop, but that exact same file
crashed on my desktop system. Both have FM 7.0.

No matter, the char tag worked like a charm.


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Hi, Linda:

Have you tried to:

* apply a character format of language None

* make it a variable

* add a non-breaking space at the beginning or end

* create it as a text flow on the reference page and import it as a text

* create it in a text frame on the reference page and attach it to a
paragraph as frame below/above

* look up the fraction bar and use it instead of the backslash


Peter Gold
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At 10:06 AM -0600 5/25/06, Linda G. Gallagher wrote:
>I hope someone has an idea on this. I've narrowed down a crashing problem
>one line of text in a file. It's a full Windows path with back slashes in
>it. No matter what I've tried, Frame crashes when spell check comes to this
>Here's what I've tried:
>- Wash Via MIF (thanks for that easy tool, Jeremy)
>- Copy the errant line into Note Pad, then paste back into FM
>- Retype the line in Note Pad, then paste into FM
>No dice. Even if the line is the only text in a new FM file, FM crashes
>I click Start Checking.
>Any ideas? I can't remove the line of text from the content. :o

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