Greetings, all:

I have discovered a problem when generating PDF's from my illustrated book.

Ignorant of proper frame technique at the outset, I created anchored frames
through importing graphics and captioned them with a separate paragraph
immediately following the anchored frame. These captions are numbered and
cross referred to occasionally in the text.

The cross references function fine in the generated PDF files except for one
small detail.

When the link is clicked, Adobe Reader pops the linked text to the top of
the viewing page, exactly at the top, so that the illustration is up and out
of view. All that is visible is the caption text at the very top line. The
reader must scroll upward to see the picture.

In my experiments to cure this problem and allow the illustration to come
into view when the link is clicked, I have used tables with the caption
beneath. The result is the same. Only when the caption is placed ABOVE THE
ILLUSTRATION, whether with a table inclusion or just by formatting as the
caption that paragraph mark to which the frame is anchored, can I get the
PDF to show the illustration with the link.

I don't really mind this work-around, except that placing a caption above an
illustration is very nonstandard and may require an explanation in the

An suggestions from all you brilliant frameusers around the English speaking

~ Don Spencer

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