Following the advice of others than Peter G. and Schlomo P., I decided to
move all my figure captions (numbered by a para tag) to the top of each
illustration. Got over a hundred, so it took quite a while.

I found the easiest way to pull this off was to "cut" the entire caption
paragraph with its markers,  Click just after the anchored frame marker
above the picture (in front of the para tag), and "paste" the caption
paragraph into place. Then, delete the paragraph tag that appeared under the
picture as a consequence and go on to the next.

All seemed wonderful. Only took me a few hours. All the links functioned
within FrameMaker as proven with the Ctrl+Alt click technique. But then I
checked the resulting PDF files and found that those links, but one, which
were connected to a reference within the current file went nowhere/did
nothing. Links connected to a figure in another chapter (file) worked as
they were intended.

Perhaps this has something to do with placing the cross-ref adjacent to the
anchor marker. I wouldn't know. I replaced each link, deleted and reinserted
each link. But nothing changed the result. I even saved the chapter as an
MIF and reopened and resaved it. No change.

With a day of work virtually wasted, I'm contemplating returning the to the
more complicated suggestions of P.G.  & S.P. Or else move the Caption to a
text frame within the anchored frame.

As we say in the carpenters trade, 'Ain't nothin' ever easy?"

~ Don Spencer

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