The reason we want our colleagues to upgrade to Reader 8.0, which is the
only software they have on their systems, is because the digital
signature function doesn't work in Reader 7.0. I created a form in
Acrobat Professional 7.0 with a digital signature field. The other Tech
Writers, who have 7.0 Pro as well, can open the form, create a digital
signature for themselves and sign the form.

People who only have Reader 7.0 cannot sign the form. I was told by a
customer service Rep at Adobe that once they get Reader 8.0, they'll be
able to sign the forms I created in 7.0 Pro.

Is this true? 

Thank you,

Gillian Flato

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Expect it very soon. This is a good time, though, to
repeat my warning that you should not attempt to have
either multiple versions of Acrobat, multiple versions
of Reader, and/or mixtures of Acrobat and Reader installed
on a given system. Although it is possible to coerce the
installers to do that, it is neither endorsed nor
supported by Adobe. Many, many problems that we hear
about with regards to anything PDF ultimately get traced
to attempts to have anything more than one version of
Acrobat or of Reader installed on one system. In some
cases problems occur as the result of not fully uninstalling
previous versions or following the explicit directions of
the uninstaller to reboot as part of the uninstall procedure.
Failure to reboot in a timely fashion results in not all
the old version of Acrobat being fully and properly uninstalled.

Further note: There are incompatibilities between Acrobat 8
and FrameMaker 7.x "save as PDF" primarily due to Acrobat 8
storing joboption files in a different location and manner
than Acrobat 7. An Adobe Tech Note will come out about this
at some point.

        - Dov

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> Subject: Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0
> Anyone know when this is being released? Adobe is advertising 
> it on their website as coming soon.
> Thank you,
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> Gillian Flato

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