Dov and all:

> This is a good time, though, to
> repeat my warning that you should not attempt to have
> either multiple versions of Acrobat, multiple versions
> of Reader, and/or mixtures of Acrobat and Reader installed
> on a given system. Although it is possible to coerce the
> installers to do that, it is neither endorsed nor
> supported by Adobe. Many, many problems that we hear
> about with regards to anything PDF ultimately get traced
> to attempts to have anything more than one version of
> Acrobat or of Reader installed on one system. In some
> cases problems occur as the result of not fully uninstalling
> previous versions or following the explicit directions of
> the uninstaller to reboot as part of the uninstall procedure.

Dov repeats the by now familiar warning about installing and 
using multiple releases of Acrobat.  This has been going on for 
a long time now, so evidently a good number of people have 
good reasons for wanting to retain multiple versions of Acrobat.

Instead of making this the customer's problem (maintaining two 
different releases on different computers and other workarounds)
why not fix it?  If Adobe is in the business of satisfying customer needs, 

it appears that a significant number of customers want this to be 

And don't anybody say it can't be done.  We need to go no further than 
our old mate FrameMaker.  I have FrameMaker v. 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2 installed 
on my computer and they all co-exist quite happily.  They are there so I 
troubleshoot problems that my colleagues may be having with the particular 

version of FM on their computers.  So, not only can I run all three 
simultaneously, but when I impatiently double-click the destop icon too 
enthusiastically, I can have multiple launches of the ONE release 


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