At 09:37 -0800 3/11/06, Dov Isaacs wrote:

>This is a good time, though, to repeat my warning that you should not attempt 
>to have either multiple versions of Acrobat, multiple versions of Reader, 
>and/or mixtures of Acrobat and Reader installed on a given system.

Why, Dov? Reader, surely, is a stand-alone program that can co-exist happily in 
multiple versions?

> Although it is possible to coerce the installers to do that, it is neither 
> endorsed nor supported by Adobe. Many, many problems that we hear about with 
> regards to anything PDF ultimately get traced to attempts to have anything 
> more than one version of Acrobat or of Reader installed on one system.

I hear you. One version of Acrobat Pro only makes sense, and certainly the 
version of Pro should match the version of Distiller... but Reader? Ok, 7 Pro 
can probably create PDF versions or features that Reader 6 doesn't understand, 
but we can allow for that. Freelances, in particular, often need many tools in 
their tool-chest, and are extremely loath to delete old versions of software 
that might one day be needed.

FWIW, I've had 5 Pro and 6 Pro on a Mac for several years, as well as Reader 7, 
without any apparent ill effects. In fact, I can remember several instances a 
few years back when Distiller 6 would not distill something, but Distiller 5 
would, getting me out of Postscript-error hell.

I can understand why Adobe might not want to support this sort of mix, though.


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