Well, assuming the text is a continuous flow, it'll write out to .rtf
that way too.
Because they're graphics intensive, I'd do the .rtf to get the words
and then, if necessary,  do a second save of the .pdf to .PNG or .JPG
to get the graphics.


On 10/4/06, Pinkham, Jim <Jim.Pinkham at voith.com> wrote:
> Thanks for this, Art, and my apologies for not being more precise. In
> our case, we have multiple-page, sometimes graphic-intensive PDFs,
> provided by our vendors, that we include as appendices today. The
> advantage to being able to bring them purely (or relatively purely) into
> Frame would primarily be for purposes such as generated tables and
> internal cross-references. However, placing documents that sometimes
> have 20-40 individual pages into FM, one page at a time, would not be a
> process improvement. Nor would it be worthwhile if we had to
> significantly compromise quality -- then we'd still be better off with
> our current string of PDFs.

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