Jim Pinkham wrote: 

> Thanks for this, Art, and my apologies for not being more 
> precise. In our case, we have multiple-page, sometimes 
> graphic-intensive PDFs, provided by our vendors, that we 
> include as appendices today. The advantage to being able to 
> bring them purely (or relatively purely) into Frame would 
> primarily be for purposes such as generated tables and 
> internal cross-references. However, placing documents that 
> sometimes have 20-40 individual pages into FM, one page at a 
> time, would not be a process improvement. Nor would it be 
> worthwhile if we had to significantly compromise quality -- 
> then we'd still be better off with our current string of PDFs.

To me, it sounds like the decision to import the PDFs into FM depends on
one question: Will you maintain and update the content in FM going
forward, or will you discard that content when you get a new PDF from a
vendor and repeat the process? 

If you commit to the former, then go ahead and do as Art suggested. But
if you have to repeat the entire conversion process with each vendor
update, I'd say forget it. Ship what you get from the vendors. 

My $0.02, FWIW. YMMV. 


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