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I am in the process of migrating existing draft documentation in Word to
final version documentation in Framemaker. The old Word documentation
was but a single file - the first page was reserved for cover
information, the second page was Word's TOC, and the remaining pages
were the content of the document. The old numbering scheme, beginning
with the first page was Page # of #, which for a single document in
Word, worked fine. In Framemaker, I have split up this large document
into three separate files - Cover File, TOC, and the Chapter document. I
have been asked to keep the numbering scheme the same - Page # of Total
Page Count. I know how to keep the numbering continuous across the
files, but the system variable that keeps total page count is obviously
on a per file basis. For example, the singe Cover page file has no
number, but the first page of the TOC says page 2 of 4 (because it is
the second page in the book, and there are four pages in the TOC total),
so the next page says Page 3 of 4 and the final page says Page 4 of 4.
When I open the document chapter, it says Page 5 of 19, because the
first page of the content chapter is indeed the fifth page in the book,
but there are 19 pages in the Content chapter. What do I need to do to
get this to number the same way as Word - if it's possible for files in
a book? I want the first page of the TOC to say page 4 of 24, the second
page to say page 5 of 24, etc. and I want the first page of the Content
Chapter to say Page 5 of 24, etc.



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