No, not really, except in certain circles.

The main thing is regarding printed/photocopied material, that if you
see a blank (totally blank) page, that you do not suspect the
printing/photocopying mechanism of skipping a page, which was rather
usual some years ago, when printers and photocopying machines
accidentally fed 2 sheets of paper at the same time. When printing
both sides this could result in an accidentally blank page.

In manuals where you have to count for every page (on a List of
Effective Pages, Log of Pages or whatever one chooses to call it), it
was too costly to reprint several pages just because you had to delete
one from within a section. Instead they left the page "blank" with the
words "Intentionally Blank" or similar.

Even with such strict rules, you see today totally blank pages like in
the example you are stating, and then the list refers to them as just
"Blank" with no page numbering reference.

Good luck with the conversion.

Bodvar Bjorgvinsson
Air Atlanta Icelandic.

On 10/16/06, Susan Curtzwiler <smcurtzwiler at> wrote:
> Hi all,
>      Is there any hard and fast rule that when you have a blank left page 
> before a chapter break that you have to label it as "This page intentionally 
> left blank." ?
>      It would be much easier if I could use section break for odd pages (yes, 
> this is using Word) instead of Next Page for a section break. It seems that 
> when I use the "Odd Page" break, there is no place to enter any text.
>      I am gradually converting my docs to Frame.
>   Thanks,
>   Susan
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