The short answer is "no," no more than for any other book. Blank pages
are expected and accepted in books that use the convention of starting
chapters on right pages.

I think the labels started being used years ago when military and
mil-spec manuals were issued and updated with change pages. Because
inserting the change pages could cause some unusual pagination, the
labeling was used to let the reader know that no content was omitted.
Unless you're planning to freeze pagination and issue change pages, I
wouldn't use them.


On 10/16/06, Susan Curtzwiler <smcurtzwiler at> wrote:
> Hi all,
>      Is there any hard and fast rule that when you have a blank left page 
> before a chapter break that you have to label it as "This page intentionally 
> left blank." ?
>      It would be much easier if I could use section break for odd pages (yes, 
> this is using Word) instead of Next Page for a section break. It seems that 
> when I use the "Odd Page" break, there is no place to enter any text.
>      I am gradually converting my docs to Frame.

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