Daniel Emory wrote:  

> The fact is that the US military is the only true laboratory 
> where technical documentation is subjected to extensive 
> post-publication review to determine its effectiveness in the 
> real world. Findings resulting from analyses of actual 
> foul-ups lead to continuing improvements in tech manual 
> instructions. Those who write manuals for non-military 
> applications ought to also take advantage of that laboratory.

First there was "only one way." Now there's the "only true laboratory."
I'm seeing a pattern here... 

Ever hear the (chiefly British) expression "horses for courses"? :-)

Don't get me wrong -- I'm a huge fan of the US military (especially when
they're killing Islamofascists). I donate to Soldier's Angels, the USO,
VFW, PVA, ... 

But if some edict were to declare that henceforth all technical
documentation everywhere must be done to MIL specs, I suspect I'd change
professions or retire. At the least, I'd have to go on anti-depressants.

Happy weekend!

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