Why hurt Muslims' feelings with creative expressions such as Islamofascists?

Don't get me wrong, I am not a Muslim. Yet when a hijab-clad mother of six was 
killed in broad daylight in front of her three-year-old in Fremont, California 
on Thursday, I could not but feel the pain of the anguished family. Her only 
fault was that she wore the scarf encouraged by her faith, just as jews would 
wear a scull-cap, Christians would wear a cross, Sikhs would wear a turban, and 
Hindus would wear a red Bindi. 

Labels hurt. If as enlighted writers we are free to use terms such as 
Islamofacists, how do we stop people from coining derogatory phrases using our 
religions, ethnicity, and color? This is a land of the free and the brave. 
However, some self-regulation is in order. 

Where is the moderator?

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Don't get me wrong -- I'm a huge fan of the US military (especially when
they're killing Islamofascists). I donate to Soldier's Angels, the USO,
VFW, PVA, ... 

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