To force even-numbered pages in a given FM file, choose Format>Page Layouts> 
Pagination, and make sure Before Saving & Printing is set to Make Page Count 

As for the Master Page usage issue, I'm not clear what you're trying to 
achieve. The place you'd set it is Format>Page Layouts>Master Page Usage, but 
what you'd set depends on the desired effect.  If you're wanting to use the 
same master page for all pages in the file, you'd pick the page you want in the 
Custom field, make sure all the pages are in the range of pages listed in the 
Apply To area, select Even and Odd, and then click Apply. If that's not what 
you're wanting, you can fiddle with the settings on that window to get what 
you're wanting, or repost with some more details. ;-)


Texan Scriber <texanscriber at> wrote: Fellow Framers,

Does anybody know how to specify the master page to use when the current
page is filled with text? I have combined all my master pages into one
template file. After I create an Appendix say, and the first page is filled
with content, the page that follows does not use the same master page.

Also, if a chapter had n number of pages and some text was deleted, the
chapter no longer ends in even pages like it used to, it leaves all those
white blank pages that have to be manually deleted.

Appreciate sharing your experience with Frame.

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