Texan Scriber wrote: 

> Does anybody know how to specify the master page to use when 
> the current page is filled with text? I have combined all my 
> master pages into one template file. After I create an 
> Appendix say, and the first page is filled with content, the 
> page that follows does not use the same master page.

Fred Ridder's right: your problems stem from not using the default
master pages. But I'll go further than Fred. There's no good reason not
to use the exact same Left and Right master pages for almost all the
files in a standard book -- certainly for all the chapters and
appendixes. There's nothing "fancy" with H/F variables required,
assuming you use the <$chapnum> variable for chapter/appendix numbering.

You probably need different default master pages for an index (typically
2-col layout) and maybe a title-page file. And of course, the custom
master page you use to start a file might have several versions -- say,
First, TOCFirst, TitleFirst, whatever. But what page layout changes are
required going from a chapter to an appendix, or even to frontmatter
(TOC, LOF, etc.) or intro/preface?

My $0.02. 


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