Combining everything into one template may sound like a good idea,
but there are a lot of tradeoffs involved for little (if any) real
It *can* be worthwhile to have standardized character catalogs and
paragraph catalogs across all your documents, but one advantage 
of  the FrameMaker document model is that this can be accomplished 
by importing just those catalogs as necessary.

The problem with combining all master pages into one template is 
that you wind up never using the default left/right mater pages, and 
this is what produces the kind of behavior you've described. You'll
wind up having to apply master pages manually to most of the 
pages in most of your documents, and you'll wind up always having 
to delete empty pages at the ends of chapters manually because 
once you apply a non-default master page FrameMaker no longer
considers the page to be truly empty. To my way of thinking, it's
much better to have a separate template for each variation of what
the default pages should look like. Depending on your page design,
you may be able to get fancy with things like the Running H/F
system variables so that you can use the same master page for
appendixes as well as chapters, but there's not much downside 
to simply having different templates with different default master
page designs for the different categories of book components.

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Fellow Framers,

Does anybody know how to specify the master page to use when the current
page is filled with text? I have combined all my master pages into one
template file. After I create an Appendix say, and the first page is
with content, the page that follows does not use the same master page.

Also, if a chapter had n number of pages and some text was deleted, the
chapter no longer ends in even pages like it used to, it leaves all
white blank pages that have to be manually deleted.

Appreciate sharing your experience with Frame.

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