Hi all,

Am on FM 7.1, structured (more or less coz I haven't defined a proper
template/EDD yet).

In brief, I'm currently writing a user guide for an OpenSource ETL
process designer. 

This designer allows me to use components to compose ETL process

In one chapter of this guide, I detailed each component and in
particular the component's specific property parameters.

This chapter is divided into section per component and subsections for
properties and use case scenario.

Then within the properties subsection, the actual properties are
organised in a table which differs more or less from one component to
the other. 

I want to be able to reuse the content of part of the component
properties table for another component which has almost the same
properties although some differ... 

The idea behind this, being obviously to ease the maintenance and update
of the component properties chapter...

I have never been very familiar with text insets but I thought this
could be the right solution for this...But I am unable to import a
specific part of a data flow from one section to another in the same FM
file... anyone can help me on this?

Maybe the text inset option isn't the right solution for this, as it is
structured document?

I hope my question isn't to messy. 

Many thanks in advance,


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