Hi Elisa,

First of all, Lynne's answer is good and I have only one thing to add: Inset
Plus (http://www.weststreetconsulting.com/WSC_InsetPlus.htm)
It's been a great plug in.
That and the Sourcerer (www.advantica.biz/sourcerer), to filter attributes
are great and get away from Frame's conditional text limitations, have been
wonder tools.

If there are enough frameusers in France who would like Russ to come over
and speak or do a workshop, I bet we could twist his arm - answer me
off-list. (secretary at stcfrance.org)

Russ, if you are reading this, tell me how much twisting it would take ;-)

Ellen Lebelle

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Subject: data reuse in structured FM...
Hi all,

Am on FM 7.1, structured (more or less coz I haven't defined a proper
template/EDD yet).


I have never been very familiar with text insets but I thought this
could be the right solution for this...But I am unable to import a
specific part of a data flow from one section to another in the same FM
file... anyone can help me on this?

Maybe the text inset option isn't the right solution for this, as it is
structured document?

I hope my question isn't to messy.

Many thanks in advance,


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At 07:14 AM 9/7/2006, Elisabeth SABOT wrote:
>But I am unable to import a
>specific part of a data flow from one section to another in the same FM

  A text inset cannot consist of part of a flow. Instead, create a new
flow containing only the reusable portion and import it into both sections.
This flow can be the main flow of a new document, a body flow of a new
document, or a reference flow in the document you are editing or another
one. Since you can create multiple body flows or reference flows in one
document, you have the option of storing all text insets in one document.
Just remember that if you use reference flows of the containing document,
you'll need to save it before importing the text insets.
  A structured text inset must have a root element. You might therefore
want your EDD to define an element that can contain part of a section. For
example, suppose you want a Section to contain a Title and then four
Paragraph elements of which the three last ones are to be in a text inset.
You might define an element called TextInset that can contain all of the
children of a Section (except possibly the Title). You would then create a
flow containing a TextInset element with the three reusable Paragraphs, and
the section with the text inset would consist of the Title, the first
Paragraph, and the imported TextInset.


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