Open the EDD and look at the general rule of your paragraph element. Does it 
look like this:


If so, that means a Paragraph only allows text.

It should allow both text and CrossReferences. Since it's mixed content it 
should look like this:

(<TEXT> | CrossReference)* 

It's also possible that the element allows mixed content, but the 
CrossReference element is not included in that list. If so, the general rule 
might look something like this:

(<TEXT> | Emphasis | InlineGraphic | Button)*

You would need to add CrossReference to the general rule so that it looks like 

(<TEXT> | Emphasis | InlineGraphic | Button | CrossReference)*


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  I am trying to convert a FrameMaker file to  Structured FrameMaker file. What 
I am seeing is that the sentences following a cross reference in a paragraph 
are marked as invalid. I am using a CrossReference element for the cross 
reference instance and a normal cross reference style. For example, in this 
paragraph if the word "Structured" was a cross reference, then the rest of the 
sentence following the word (from "was") becomes invalid unless I put it in a 
new paragraph. Can some one tell me what is it that I am doing wrong and how I 
can fix it?


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