Thanks to Fred, John, and Rebecca who came to my aid, but I still am having
problems with this toc. I don't have control over title lengths. I'm only
doing layout on this thing.

Here's what I'm getting:

- Some headings just run close enough to the right margin that only the page
number falls on the next line. When this happens, no matter how many tabs I
add to the reference page, the page number stubbornly stays at the left side
of the page. (For longer headings where some of the title text falls to the
next line, the tabs do their job and the page number moves to the right.)

- Some headings overlap with where the page number should be. I tried
Rebecca's trick of adding a nonbreakign space to some of the heading text
(in the chapter) but that forced the heading in the chapter to a fourth
line, that isn't really needed.

Here's something I tried, to no avail:

- I created a subtitle format for the subtitle portion of the chapter title,
with the idea that only the chapter title would go into the toc and the
subtitle would only be in the chapter. However no matter how I tried to
format these two styles, the long headings ran to a fourth line. I tried to
make the chapter title a run-in heading, but with both styles right
justified, the run-in thing doesn't put the text of the next style on the
same line, even if there is room.

Is there a way to put the toc into a table, so this would all wrap nicely
into columns?

Any other ideas out there? I'm tearing my hair out and have to deliver this
book in final form Thursday afternoon.


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