While the plug-in was not a perfect solution, once my toc was stable, I set
up the page breaks and line breaks. Then I just had to select the two menu
options to have them automatically applied again. I found that much easier
than redoing all the breaks manually.

The only other feasible solution that I investigated was a custom script
that I believe would still entail an additional step after updating the
book. You can contact Rick Quatro (rick at frameexpert.com) if you want to know
more. He's the person I've used before for scripts (just a satisfied

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I am interested in a real "auto" solution to this issue. It crops up now
and then and "now" it has cropped up again. None of the tips others have
left for you work for me either.

I tried the plugin...but for me I might as well just remember to stick in
manual breaks at the end of the process. Not much difference for me. It's
not graceful, but it needs to be done.

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>Thanks to everyone who responded. I received lots of great ideas, but none
>worked given the 6 x 9 page size and very long headings, except for the TOC
>Breaker plug-in http://www.telecable.es/personales/cud/cssIndex.htm. I
>installed that, played with it a bit, and got it to fix the problems. Not
>totally automatic (you have to select two menu options while in the toc
>and after updating the book), but I think I can remember to that when I do
>the final update.
>Thanks all for the help and thanks, Chris, wherever you are these days, for
>the free plug-in that does this.
>Linda G. Gallagher
>TechCom Plus, LLC
>Intelligent technical communication since 1993
>Technical writing, help development,
>FrameMaker and WebWorks Publisher conversions
>lindag at techcomplus.com
>Manager, Consulting and Independent Contracting
>Special Interest Group
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