I've just had an interesting discussion with Adobe European Support on the 
issue  of cross-grading from FrameMaker on Mac to FrameMaker on PC.

It seems to come down to this:

. Produce an invoice for the original purchase of FrameMaker (in my case, from 
Frame Corp in 1991)

. Sign a 'letter of destruction' from Adobe vowing that you will never again 
use FrameMaker on the Mac

. Pay the upgrade fee

and you then get FrameMaker for PC at the upgrade price. Adobe call this a 
'cross-system procedure'.

However, I need to be able to retain the use of FrameMaker on Mac, where my 
installations go back to FrameMaker Version 3, much as an upgrade from, say, 
Version 6 to Version 7 will allow you to use both versions. I am happy to put 
up with the network spoiler, as I will never use more than one version or copy 
of FrameMaker at the same time.

If I understand things correctly, the only way I can do this is to buy a new 
full copy of FrameMaker for PC. Adobe can forget that.

Anyone else been through this hoop? Is it different in the States?


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