Hi, Fred:

Should I have waited to send this on Friday?

Ridder, Fred wrote:
> LOL, Peter...
> The EULA is often printed on the outside of a sealed envelope
> that contains the actual software distribution, and that's the seal
> that is referred to in the EULA. If there's no sealed envelope, the 
> seal on the jewel case or CD sleeve (the software distribution media) 
> that is the one whose breakage signifies your acceptance of the 
> terms and conditions of a so-called "shrink wrap EULA" rather 
> than the actual shrink-wrap on the outside box. And besides,
> many software publishers also post their EULAs on their website 
> where people can do due diligence before purchasing.

Peter Gold
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> Hi, Fred:
> Ridder, Fred wrote:
>> Thanks for the information, Dov. I guess I need to be more 
>> meticulous about reading the EULA (which we all read in
>> detail before we break the seal on the software distribution,
>> right?)  
> PLEASE, please tell me how to read the EULA that's on the disk or in the
> box without breaking the sealed shrinkwrap!<G>

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