It's really not any different from Adobe's standard upgrade policy.
If you buy an upgrade license for most (if not all) of their products, 
it only entitles you to keep both versions installed for a transition 
period (90 days, as I recall). After that period you are supposed 
to uninstall the old version. For contractors who might need to 
have multiple versions available to them to work on client projects 
using the correct tool version, this technically mean s multiple 
full licenses for each version.  Not very user-friendly, but it's the 
way Adobe has structured their licenses for years.

My opinions only; I don't speak for Intel.
Fred Ridder (fred dot ridder at intel dot com)
Parsippany, NJ

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I've just had an interesting discussion with Adobe European Support on
the issue  of cross-grading from FrameMaker on Mac to FrameMaker on PC.

It seems to come down to this:

. Produce an invoice for the original purchase of FrameMaker (in my
case, from Frame Corp in 1991)

. Sign a 'letter of destruction' from Adobe vowing that you will never
again use FrameMaker on the Mac

. Pay the upgrade fee

and you then get FrameMaker for PC at the upgrade price. Adobe call this
a 'cross-system procedure'.

However, I need to be able to retain the use of FrameMaker on Mac, where
my installations go back to FrameMaker Version 3, much as an upgrade
from, say, Version 6 to Version 7 will allow you to use both versions. I
am happy to put up with the network spoiler, as I will never use more
than one version or copy of FrameMaker at the same time.

If I understand things correctly, the only way I can do this is to buy a
new full copy of FrameMaker for PC. Adobe can forget that.

Anyone else been through this hoop? Is it different in the States?


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