Hi, Gillian:

Did you ever try applying FM callouts - as text frames or text lines -  
to the imported graphics? This gives the option to use the best drawing 
tools for the purpose, and still permits translators to stay in FM.


Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

Gillian Flato wrote:
> Although FrameMaker drawing tools are primitive, keep in mind that if
> your documents are ever going to be translated, the Translator will need
> to access the Flow chart labels and translate them too. If the flow
> chart is done all in Frame, it's easier for the Translator. If it's in
> Visio, the Translator has to have a copy of Visio, translate the flow
> chart, create the .png and reimport it. They will charge you extra money
> for that.
> Just something to keep in mind.
> I switched from using Illustrator for callouts to using Frame, for that
> specific reason.

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