Fred Staal wrote: 

> We use Visio and import the charts into FM 6 as a linked 
> objects. The process seems stable, retains vector format, and 
> avoids any conversion issues.

We used that method back when we only had an occasional Visio drawing,
and it was OK for that. It is, of course, Windows-only, relying on
Microsoft's OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) protocol. OLE2, actually,
which is more stable than the original OLE.

For docs with more Visio drawings (one file has over 60 in it), I
wouldn't dream of using OLE. Here's one reason: I have a 14-page file
that contains three half-page Visio diagrams. The current version
(Visios imported by ref as PDFs) is 67KB. An older version -- little
difference in text, Visios as linked (not embedded) objects -- is 595KB.



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