Hi Framers,

I run into this problem regularly (on FrameMaker 7.1):

I have a book consisting of quite a number of documents. Some of these 
documents have an index of their own (for historical reasons... And because 
making a book-wide index wouldn't make any sense).

The text flow in each document is single-column, right/left, with room for 
sideheads. Now when I generate an index, I import it into the document (just 
like a TOC). But naturally I want the index to be two-column...

As far as I can see, there is no way of doing this. I can apply a master page 
on the index heading, but that only covers the page on which the heading is 
situated, not the subsequent pages. I made a script which can reformat the text 
frame from a certain point onwards, but since the document is part of a book, 
adding or deleting pages elsewhere in the book will shift the whole thing - in 
short, it's a nightmare to maintain!

Anybody got an idea?


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