Could you put the index in a  separate file, all its own? Then paginate the 
chapter before it to "delete empty pages" and paginate the index to use "next 
available page." Then proceed with the remaining pagination as you normall 
would for this book.

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Hi Niels,

Does the index need the sidehead area?


Hi Framers,

I run into this problem regularly (on FrameMaker 7.1):

I have a book consisting of quite a number of documents. Some of these 
documents have an index of their own (for historical reasons... And because 
making a book-wide index wouldn't make any sense).

The text flow in each document is single-column, right/left, with room for 
sideheads. Now when I generate an index, I import it into the document (just 
like a TOC). But naturally I want the index to be two-column...

As far as I can see, there is no way of doing this. I can apply a master 
page on the index heading, but that only covers the page on which the 
heading is situated, not the subsequent pages. I made a script which can 
reformat the text frame from a certain point onwards, but since the document 
is part of a book, adding or deleting pages elsewhere in the book will shift 
the whole thing - in short, it's a nightmare to maintain!

Anybody got an idea?



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