Hi, Karen:

* Does the problem happen in FrameMaker, with Ctrl+Alt+Click, or only in 
the PDF? If the hyperlink works correctly in FrameMaker, it's likely a 
bug in Acrobat's parsing of the addresses.

* Is your Acrobat 7 updated fully? Have you tried with earlier releases 
of Reader, like 6, 5, etc?

* Have you tried not making the addresses as hyperlinks in FrameMaker, 
and turning on the Acrobat (and Reader) 7.x preference to detect links? 
Any difference?


Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

Karen L. Zorn wrote:
> FrameMaker 7.2
> Acrobat Pro 7
> Windows XP
> I'm running into problems with hypertext mailto: links. If the email addy
> has a period, underscore, or dash in it, only the addy after that mark
> appears on the To: line when executed from the PDF. Any ideas?

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