* Does the problem happen in FrameMaker, with Ctrl+Alt+Click, or only in 
the PDF? If the hyperlink works correctly in FrameMaker, it's likely a 
bug in Acrobat's parsing of the addresses.

Works in FM, not PDF

* Is your Acrobat 7 updated fully? Have you tried with earlier releases 
of Reader, like 6, 5, etc?

Running 7.0.8, so fully updated

* Have you tried not making the addresses as hyperlinks in FrameMaker, 
and turning on the Acrobat (and Reader) 7.x preference to detect links? 
Any difference?

It seems that the email links are the ones that fail. Some work, some don't.
I went into the PDF and checked all converted links, then added the ones
that were missing. Frankly, this is a royal pain. But, if that's what it

Thanks all for the suggestions and help.

Karen L. Zorn
Zorn Technologies, Inc.
Mesa, AZ

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