Hi, Karen:

Karen L. Zorn wrote:
> * Does the problem happen in FrameMaker, with Ctrl+Alt+Click, or only in 
> the PDF? If the hyperlink works correctly in FrameMaker, it's likely a 
> bug in Acrobat's parsing of the addresses.
> Works in FM, not PDF
> * Is your Acrobat 7 updated fully? Have you tried with earlier releases 
> of Reader, like 6, 5, etc?
> Running 7.0.8, so fully updated
> * Have you tried not making the addresses as hyperlinks in FrameMaker, 
> and turning on the Acrobat (and Reader) 7.x preference to detect links? 
> Any difference?
> It seems that the email links are the ones that fail. Some work, some don't.
> I went into the PDF and checked all converted links, then added the ones
> that were missing. Frankly, this is a royal pain. But, if that's what it
> takes!

I'm not clear - are you saying that the links that fail in the PDF are 
improperly constructed, rather than that Acrobat is failing to parse 
them correctly?
> Thanks all for the suggestions and help.
Sure! I'm always curious about new things that break<G>.

Peter Gold
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