Thanks! That solved the problem. 


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Hi Gillian

If you look in your postscript settings on the printer
dialog there will be an option that says something like
"Optimize for speed" change this to "Optimize for portability".
Speed gives a shorthand version of postscript which confuses
some printers, while portability includes everything (this is
how it was explained to me not sure if it is correct or not
but generally fixes the crazy stack errors).


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Whenever I try to print a document, the printer prints a page with
"Offending Stack Error" on it and then the printer goes nuts printing
gibberish. If I save to PDF first, and then print the PDF, it's fine, so
I have a work-around that solves the problem but I would like to fix
them problem anyhow. Has anyone ever had any experience with this.

I am printing to a networked printer - a Xerox WorkCenter Pro 45 PS

Thank you,

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