To amplify Dov's analysis... if you look at the Xerox spec pages for
the 45, they make a subtle point of saying that it uses a PostScript 3
EMULATOR. Not true Adobe PostScript.

As a result of fighting with emulators for years on a variety of H-P
and other Xerox printers, I think that it's a pretty safe bet that the
printer will get squirrely at other interesting times, especially when
printing clean but complex PS code that confuses the emulator.


On 4/5/07, Dov Isaacs <isaacs at> wrote:
> Tina,
> Bubbamisa!
> Good try, but absolutely groundless. The "optimize for
> portability" hack was put into the Windows driver to deal
> with some applications, FrameMaker NOT being among them,
> that injected their own PostScript into the driver's output
> stream improperly, interfering with the current graphics
> state of the PostScript job. It also makes a bit of a
> difference how fonts and procedure definitions (what you
> are calling "a shorthand version of PostScript" are put
> into the job, but certainly not how they are used.
> If in fact, use of the "optimize for portability" option
> causes something to print that doesn't otherwise print
> from FrameMaker, you are dealing with either (1) a very
> traif EPS file (EPS file improperly constructed, not
> following the rules for EPS files), (2) an otherwise terribly
> misconfigured printer driver or print itself or (3) a very
> crufty PostScript RIP / printer.
>         - Dov
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> > Hi Gillian
> >
> > If you look in your postscript settings on the printer
> > dialog there will be an option that says something like
> > "Optimize for speed" change this to "Optimize for portability".
> > Speed gives a shorthand version of postscript which confuses
> > some printers, while portability includes everything (this is
> > how it was explained to me not sure if it is correct or not
> > but generally fixes the crazy stack errors).
> >
> >
> > tina

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