Good try, but absolutely groundless. The "optimize for
portability" hack was put into the Windows driver to deal
with some applications, FrameMaker NOT being among them,
that injected their own PostScript into the driver's output
stream improperly, interfering with the current graphics
state of the PostScript job. It also makes a bit of a 
difference how fonts and procedure definitions (what you
are calling "a shorthand version of PostScript" are put 
into the job, but certainly not how they are used.

If in fact, use of the "optimize for portability" option
causes something to print that doesn't otherwise print
from FrameMaker, you are dealing with either (1) a very 
traif EPS file (EPS file improperly constructed, not 
following the rules for EPS files), (2) an otherwise terribly
misconfigured printer driver or print itself or (3) a very 
crufty PostScript RIP / printer.

        - Dov

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> Hi Gillian
> If you look in your postscript settings on the printer
> dialog there will be an option that says something like
> "Optimize for speed" change this to "Optimize for portability".
> Speed gives a shorthand version of postscript which confuses
> some printers, while portability includes everything (this is
> how it was explained to me not sure if it is correct or not
> but generally fixes the crazy stack errors).
> tina

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