I use widow/orphan options and keep with next/previous on various tags to
come up with relatively bulletproof page breaks. Only when that fails do I
consider any of the options discussed. In my experience, when I can't
globally control the page breaks through para tag options in my template,
the Page Layout override "cheat" works great. 

As many of my projects go into the 1,000 page range, I preach the 95%
perfect rule...
I'd rather have a controllable document with 95% of my desired formatting
than have an uncontrollable document (in terms of extra tags & manual
housekeeping) that gives me 100% perfect formatting. If you spend the time
keeping your template simple & controllable, manual page breaks and extra
tags can be minimized if not eliminated.

-Matt Sullivan

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Matt Sullivan wrote:
> I suggest a third option to students:
> 3)    Create a Master Page override by Control-Clicking on the text frame
> & adjusting the height of the page. Not only is this Paragraph Tag
> independent, but when you re-import your template after formatting
> revisions, you can remove all "manual page breaks" (the Page Layout
> overrides) without worrying about bad breaks from the use of either
> Pagination or Space Below paras. This technique also allows for an extra
> line on the page if needed, something the first 2 do not.

Interesting alternative, but I don't think that would work in a 
multi-column layout, when you want to bump a heading over to the next 
column on the same page? Or do you have a method that works for that 
situation, too?


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