Linda G. Gallagher wrote:
> Here's another quick one. Are there Windows keyboard shortcuts to switch
> from Body pages to Master pages, etc.? I feel like I've seen someone use
> something faster than Esc v B, Esc v R, and Esc v M that I found in the
> help. 

The Alt key is your friend ;-)

I use my left thumb on the Alt key for most Windows shortcuts, as that 
is what activates the menu hotkeys, and my fingers don't leave the home 
keys, as they do when using Escape sequences. You also generally don't 
need to worry about case, although there are exceptions.

So Alt + v opens the (V)iew menu, then type d for Bo(d)y, m for 
(M)aster, or e for R(e)ference pages.

There is a Windoze setting somewhere (or is it a setting in each 
application?? I can't remember) that determines whether the hotkeys are 
underlined all the time or not until you press Alt. I prefer to see them 
all the time, as that makes them easier to learn.

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