At 08:04 -0700 5/4/07, Drew Little wrote:

>I got that part fine, but the tabs stop at the edge of the page. is there a 
>way to make the tabs larger than the page size for bleed purposes? I am sure 
>it is something rather simple, but for the life of me, I can't figure it out.

Hi Drew... yes, it's quite easy. Work out the visual dimension of the object 
you want to bleed, *add* the bleed to it, and draw that on the master. Position 
it flush to the edge of the page, and then nudge the graphic off the page by an 
amount equal to the size of the bleed.

If you cut PDF onto a larger 'paper' size than your FrameMaker page, and turn 
on trims, you should be able to see the bleeds to check their size and 


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